STUNNER’S 10 COMMANDMENTS . . . rapper pens rules for a successful love relationship

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STUNNER’S 10 COMMANDMENTS . . . rapper pens rules for a successful love relationship Stunner


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CONTROVERSIAL rapper, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, took his time to draft 10 rules that he believes should be followed in a love relationship.

Despite having several relationships which didn’t work out, the rapper came up with 10 rules for how to make things work.

Following is the post with 10 rules for a love relationship shared by Stunner on social media:

1. Always use a condom (the moment you hit raw, feelings have been transferred).

2. Always call them by their name (no baby, my love sweetie)

3. Never spend more than you earn (you know what I mean, this relationship is going to end. inguva chete)

4. Don’t introduce or let them introduce you to the parents (brothers, sisters or friends it’s okay). If the parents like you or them chances are you are going to fall.

5. Compliments given during … love making are not to be taken seriously, at all.

6. If they want to go out alone, please let them go out alone. Don’t follow or ask what time you can pick them up or they are coming back.

7. Make sure they don’t leave clothes or such when they sleep over. (Remind them quickly, you left your ….. I shall bring it over)

8. If the other mjolian is going through relationship problems….Do not ever give a shoulder saying I would never do that to you.

9. Don’t forget to get what you came for …. sex! Never give yourself chores which are not yours (you’ll end up thinking this might just work)

10. When the … relationship is over, do not resist, you must wish them well. (Failure to do so will cause the … heartbreak).

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