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ORCHESTRA Dendera Kings’ guitarist, Knowledge “Nodza-Nodza” Nkoma, has released his debut jazz album titled Surprise.

It’s indeed a surprise to his loyal fans, who know him as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, over the years.

Nodza still remains part of Suluman’s band despite releasing solo projects.

In the past, he released two singles – Remembering and African Roots – just to showcase his versatility as an instrumentalist.

He has a strong background in jazz and his debut album, which he recorded in his spare time at KOM Studios, is of a superior quality.

It carries eight tracks – Miles into Music, African Roots, Ndiyani, Just Love featuring Mudhara Wechirudzi, Tichidanana, Mashura featuring Tailah Walami, Handimbotereri featuring Leah Kasinamunda and the African Roots instrumental.

KOM co-producer, Oscar Chamba, played the bass guitar on this project while Carlton Mparutsa was on drums.

Nodza played the lead guitar with saxophonist Baltmore Mudepu, also contributing to this album.

Walami and Kasinamunda did most of the vocals.

Nodza said he recorded the album with the blessing of his boss, Suluman Chimbetu.

“Suluman is aware of this project and he is the one who encouraged me to record an album.

“Initially, I wanted to record singles but I later settled for an eight-track album,” he said.

He was quick to dismiss theories that he was set to start his own group.

“I’m still part of the Orchestra Dendera Kings and it will be unwise for me to start something new like a band at my stage.

“I have always loved to record stuff, especially jazz, during my spare time just to experiment with new sounds.

“I like reinventing sounds and this has always been part of my lifestyle over the years.

“I will drop one or two videos.”

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