Sulu extends UK tour

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Sulu extends UK tour Sulu and UK promoter Negombwe


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SULUMAN Chimbetu is on fire!

After a polished performance at the recent JamAfro Festival in Birmingham, the crooner will have to extend his stay in the UK, after getting two more shows.

His camp said it was humbled after Sulu was given major slots at two more high-profile gigs before he returns home next week.

Tomorrow, Sulu will be in action at the UK Zimfest in Hertfordshire before wrapping his tour with another show in Coventry this Sunday.

Speaking to H-Metro from the UK, Sulu said he was grateful to overseas promoters, who are showing a lot of faith in him.

“I can’t ask for more at this point in time,” said the Orchestra Dendera Kings boss.

“When I flew here with my troops, I thought we were going to hold one show and return home.

“I was shocked when promoters contacted me so that we could extend the tour.

“I was humbled because we ended up having two more shows.”

Sulu, whose international appeal continues to rise, added:

“It feels good when people appreciate the good work we are doing.

“I just promise to give it all when I take to the stage as a reciprocal gesture for the love they are showing me.

 “It means a lot for us, as a group, family and on my own behalf, to be loved like this.

“We are happy that our audience building mission is taking shape.

“We are also happy that we have managed to penetrate the international market, which has always been our dream.”

Sulu, the son of the late Dendera music founder Simon, has been doing well at the helm of the outfit.

He has managed to keep his father’s legacy intact, 17 years after his death.

Chopper died in 2005 after a short illness and Sulu took over the reins.

By improvising, Sulu’s creative edge has made him a cut above the rest, among the Chimbetus, who are still in the game.

He believes in collaborations and experimenting with new sounds so that he creates an appealing and refreshing blend of music.

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