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23 October 2018

. . . opens door for Makore comeback
. . .  promises festive season singles

SULUMAN Chimbetu says his success story would mean nothing without elders who showed him the way.

Suluman decided to honour the elders during a show dubbed “Madhara Angu”, held last Friday at East point, formerly Jazz 105.

These elders comprised Solo Makore, Moffat Nyamupandu, Knowledge Nkoma, Allan Chimbetu and Vivian Ndlovu who worked with his late father, Simon.

Nyamupandu is now the longest serving member along with Nkoma while Allan has since assembled his own band.

As for Makore, he left the group but the door is open for him to rejoin the band, according to Sulu’s management.

“I have always respected people who made me what I am today in music industry,” said Suluman shortly after his performance.

“In the absence of my father, these elders groomed me to be the man I am today and it’s always nice to remember them.

“I had to sit with management and came up with this concept termed Madhara Angu.

“It’s not like I don’t have respect for other band members; for someone who has been with the band for more than 25 year or so deserves to be honoured.

“There are even bigger things I’m planning for them but I can’t pre-empty it now.”

Asked whether the reunion with the old guard was a one-off event or not, Sulu said:

“We are planning to take it to other towns and we feel these guys are legends in their own.

“As you noticed, there are some diehard fans who had backtracked on attending shows but today were here with us.

“I know some of the diehard fans were no longer attending our shows owing to other commitments but were very much aware that they really support us.

“There are some diehard fans who are even doing wonders for us but they prefer not to be in the public for various reasons.

“As a band, we will do our best to ensure we will them back as well as enticing them to attend our shows.”

Sulu who has since parted away with Makore said the door was still open for the fiery rhythm guitarist to rejoin the band.

“Like I indicated that these elders deserve to be honoured, the door is still open for Makore to comeback.

“By the way, he is a legend in his own right and who doesn’t want to be associated with legends like him.

“I will meet my management and ensure that we rope him if he is interested.”

Suluman’s uncle, Allan Chimbetu who now fronts his own outfit, hailed the Orchestra Dendera Kings for his love.

“Sulu knows kuti tisu madhara acho so he did a good thing. We have weaned him off but we still remain his elders and that won’t change,” said the Sonny hit-maker.

Not to be outdone was guest speaker Josh Hozheri who urged Sulu to remain level-headed.

Hozheri is one of the promoters who is credited for giving Sulu the exposure when he parted ways with his uncle, Allan.

The businessman is also credited for linking Sulu with other artistes for groundbreaking collaborations.

He would rope him for his jazz festivals which had become a permanent feature on the entertainment calendar.

Meanwhile, Sulu who has not released something new in the past year said he will not end the year empty-handed.

“To be honest I won’t be releasing an album this year but I can promise a number of singles before the end of the year.

“I last released an album in 2016 and I can’t afford to starve my fans for so long.

“As such, I have decided to release some singles before year end and I hope fans will embrace them.

“There are many factors we are considering and singles are the only present I have for my fans before end of the year,” he said.

Sulu’s album delay comes at a time when other top artistes have something new on the market while his friend Jah Prayzah is set to launch his project titled Chitubu on November 2 at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Critics were harsh on him saying he was developing cold feet but he insisted the album will come at the right time.

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