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SUMMER OUT TO BE BIGGER AND BETTER Fungai Chimbanda aka Deejay 1 Beat (centre)


Nyasha Kada

US-BASED philanthropist and events manager, Fungai Chimwanda, said he is determined to change the lives of less privileged in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with H Metro, Chimbwanda, said:

“Summer Out has been happening for the last four years and we are glad this initiative that was implemented to help the elderly in Zimbabwe and Malawi is getting bigger.

“A team of Zimbabweans and Malawians in Atlanta get together for this event every year to eat, drink and dance together, but most importantly, give back to our elderly in our countries.

“This year we are celebrating our fifth anniversary and we are so excited and looking forward to a much bigger event and hopefully bigger donations too.”

“It is important for us not to forget our elderly as they once helped us and now it’s our turn to take care of them.

“It’s important to seed love among us as people, as the greatest gift we have is to love. Love conquers all.”


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