Sungura benefactor unites Tazvidas

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Sungura benefactor unites Tazvidas


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SUNGURA music sponsor, Doctor Johannes Marisa, says he is prepared to lose part of his wealth in a bid to revive legacies for departed crooners whose sound shaped his childhood.

The medical doctor has instrumental in the reviving the Tazvida legacy.

He is the one bankrolling Isaac Tazvida and his nephew King as well as System’s widow, Barbara Mabuyaye in her projects.

This is good news to the Tazvidas who lost the legend on February 4 1999.

In a recent interview, Dr Marisa pledged to revive Tazvida’s legacy whom he met in Masvingo.

“I grew up listening to sungura music and have never deviated, Tazvida ndewezhira wekwedu kuMasvingo and Dembo was from Chirumhanzi, their music defined my youth.

“It pains me to see their legacies not being revived, the same for John Chibadura, I prefer to lose everything I have to help their families to revive their legacies,” said Dr Marisa.

“I took over handling business for the Tazvidas about three months ago and we assembled a band from scratch.

“We agreed that both Isaac, King and the late Tazvida’s widow bury their differences and we managed to come up with this album,” he said.

Isaac and King’s Zimbe Remoto album was produced at Jabulani Ndlovu’s Trutone Studios.

Dr Marisa, who is behind the revival of a number yesteryear sungura bands, also had his hand in the Tazvidas’ come back.

However, it remains to be seen whether System Tazvida’s legacy will live on or not.

And 21 years after his death, a lot has happened which calls for unity in the family to unite and work hard.

Leeroy Kamusena and Lucky Mumriki are some of the surviving members of the mighty Challenges Challengers who can revive the genre.


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