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ZIMBABWE Television Network (ZTN) channel’s programme, Sungura Chronicles, is making a huge impression as it shines a light on the lives of sungura artists and the myth associated with the genre.

Directed by Kush Karter and produced by Mirriam Mandeya, the programme tackles the origins of the genre, mythical beliefs and challenges haunting sungura artists. Kush, who has a passion for research and film, was pleased with the cooperation of artists in the genre.

“Our programme is a documentary series that we started in February where we ran 13 episodes interviewing living legends and children of departed yesteryear musicians.

“We interviewed several legends like Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria, Knowledge Kunenyati, Shepherd Chinyani of Vhuka Vhuka Boys along with yesteryear promoters like Lashers (Lashton Chitoro), Mai Jojo (Karen Madake) and another living legend Jonah Moyo.

“Issues that we tackled included the plight of artists in this genre, factors leading to their splits and their achievements,” said Kush.

The documentary director was also pleased with the cooperation of artists during the compilation of the documentary series.

“The level of commitment and cooperation we got was quite amazing and we are looking forward to a more beautiful series when Season Two starts in early January.

“Sungura artists have a lot of stories to share with the world, especially some of the mythical beliefs.

“Some of the tales are strange while the wisdom shared by some of the legends is profound and useful.”

The programme is also popular for its hard-hitting interviews where artists bare their souls.

Sungura is believed to have been pioneered by the late Ephraim Joe, who worked with several stars like Madzibaba Zakaria and Cephas Karushanga.

Chinyani is also credited for his role in nurturing several musicians, among them Alick Macheso, who once stayed at his Dzivaresekwa home.

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