Sungura fan makes waves

18 May, 2020 - 11:05 0 Views
Sungura fan makes waves Cody Tinker in one of his skits


Mathew Masinge, Entertainment Reporter

Teenage sensation Cody Tinker says he has an undying love for sungura music and it makes him  express himself easily.

The 16-year-old who has been making waves on social media with his comic skits seems to have mastered his art at a tender age.

Cody Tinker

No doubt he is a Sungura fan given his fluent Shona and given expressive name ‘One Gafa Ranetsa paCBD’.

“I am told i had my listen to sungura music when i was five years old and have been fond of the beat ever since then,” said Cody.

The teenager said he only follows four local artistes.

“I listen to all kinds of local music but i love Sungura and Zimdancehall because it makes me feel like i can do anything.

“My favourite singers include Alick Macheso, Baba Harare, Enzo Ishall and Jah Signal,” he said.

Cody says he got his inspiration into comedy from fellow comedian, The Comic Pastor.

“I got inspired by watching The Comic Pastor and thought i could also try doing such hilarious videos online.

“I later introduced Sungura music in my skirts and people started appreciating my comedy,” he said.

The Peterhouse student hopes his skits will help locals go through the lockdown period in a  better mood.

“I make most if these videos at home in Mazowe and doing it for my fans hoping they are kept in a good mood especially during this lockdown period.

“More videos are coming, i usually don’t rehearse or plan a script everything just comes on set.

“I feel the moment i start to plan for any skit it won’t be as naturally exciting as it should be,” he added.

He has also expressed gratitude to family and friends’ support.

“I have a great family and friends who are always supportive, they are the same people who help me to think bigger.

“My parents encouraged me to learn Shona and i love the language so much,” he said.

Cody has also encouraged his fans to practice safe health in order to help win the fight against Covid-19.

The rising comedian says he has plans to host a birthday bash after the lockdown where he will invite all his four icons Alick Macheso, Baba Harare, Jah Signal and Enzo Ishall.

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