Sungura singer preaches Ubuntuism

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Sungura singer preaches Ubuntuism Themba “Dewa” Moyo


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Sungura artiste Themba “Dewa” Moyo says people should learn to help each through the “Ubuntu philosophy”.

The Musambo Express band leader, who is preparing for the official launch of his latest album, believes in togetherness and progress.

Themba “Dewa” Moyo

“I am currently preparing for the official launch date of my new release which is month-end.


“The song Zviri Murudo urges people to have sympathy with others because there are many who are living in poverty while some are sleeping by the road side.


“There are old people who are not able to work and fend for their families, some people do not have education and nowhere to start.


“So this song is encouraging people to work together, help others and love one another.


“Let’s have the mentality of assisting others not to hate each other. We need to be brothers’ keepers in times of need,” he said.


Themba said its oneness that makes the world go.


“If we have the spirit of Ubuntu the world will develop.


“While I have another song Sasha which is personal demonstrates love to my fiancée, I wrote the song for her explaining how I love her,” he added.


The South Africa based singer bemoaned Covid-19 setbacks.


“I have delayed a lot of projects due to challenges and Covid-19 hit us hard.


“But these songs will stand alone and they are scorcher to my fans, so that they know I am still available.


“I am also working with George Chembe of Black G studio.


“After these tracks, my seven track album Ndatsikwa Konzi, which was supposed to come out in 2019, is coming.”


Themba lead the eight member troupe including Wirts Katogo, Waston Fundura, Dee Sabbastian, Mugondi Migo,George Chembe and Brian as well as his manager Lloyd Mavhunga.

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