Maria Chiguvari

JONGWE Corner, in Hatfield, Harare, yesterday led musicians and scores of fans in celebrating Alick Macheso 56th birthday.

The superstar musician was born on June 10, 1968, in Shamva.

He defied a tough upbringing to become an entertainment guru.

Being the sungura torchbearer and the unrivalled father-figure of the local showbiz scene, Macheso has been celebrating his birthdays with song and dance each year.

Macheso said:

“Kurarama inyasha, hakuzi kungwara kwaani nani zvake kuti tinge tichisvika patave.

“We give praise to the Almighty for this day, my prayer is that I will celebrate the birthday without any harm coming my way.”

The Jongwe Corner management said:

“Fathers like you are special and rare, they must be treasured. I’m glad that you were brought into this world on this day. Happy birthday Baba Shero.”

Peter Moyo said he was humbled to be part of the celebrations and showered Macheso with praise.

“I would like to thank Macheso for giving me this opportunity to share the stage with him, I am humbled and wish Sir Macheso could live long because ndipo patikuponerawo vamwe, Mwari ngaawedzere makore veduwe,” he said.

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