Surgeon duped $21K by con artist

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Surgeon duped $21K by con artist


22 February 2019

Samantha Ngwenya

A HARARE surgeon has lost over $21000 to a con artist in a botched residential stand deal.

Jametias Kudzai Zvinowanda who allegedly duped Michael Mandaza pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba charged with fraud.

He will be back in court on February 26 for trial continuation.

It is the State’s case that the Mandaza who is employed as a medical practitioner at Parirenyatwa Central Hospital saw an advert in the newspaper to the effect that there was a stand for sale in Mainway Meadows, Waterfalls in October last year.

Mandaza got interested on the deal and proceeded to contact the phone numbers provided on the newspaper.

It is alleged that Zvinowanda claimed to be the owner of the phone numbers and confirmed being the owner of the stand which was going for $25 000.

Reports are that the accused had stated to Mandaza that he had a sick child who had a hole in his heart hence, he needed to sell the stand as soon as possible because his son was supposed to have an emergency operation in India.

The two came to an agreement that Mandaza was to pay $21 000 immediately after signing the agreement of sale papers.

The court heard from the complainant that Zvinowanda had introduced himself as Robert Shanduka and he provided his identity card showing the same name to Mandaza, who was convinced that the accused was a genuine seller who was going through a hard time.

On November 30 last year, the complainant notified his lawyer of his decision to buy a residential stand and Zvinowanda brought along with him his wife who was to sign the agreement of sale as a witness.

The purported Robert Shanduka and wife, Livinia Precious Shanduka provided their identical cards to confirm their identity during the signing of title deeds.

It is alleged that all parties signed the agreement of sale resulting in Mandaza proceeding with transferring the payment to the accused’s account on the following day, after understanding the circumstances that Zvinowanda was facing.

According to Mandaza, he had agreed with the accused to meet on December 3 to conduct interviews with ZIMRA after the full payment of the stand which they had agreed to be $21 000.

Zvinowanda lied to the complainant that he was residing in Rusape hence he was going to come to Harare on December 4 to proceed with the interviews at ZIMRA.

The court heard further that the accused kept on giving excuses to the complainant until he became suspicious that he was scammed.

Reports are that on December 10, Mandaza proceeded to the registrar of deeds where he was advised that the deed he was given by the accused was fake and that is when a complaint was lodged to the police.

Zvinowanda was arrested at a bar in Mufakose after the complainant spotted him drinking beer with his friends and reported to the investigating officers of his whereabouts.

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