Surgery-free eye care changing lives

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Surgery-free eye care changing lives


19 February 2019

Brother Chu

More than 20 people have received free eye treatment in Hatfield under TZU Chi Foundation.

The foundation led by Brother Chu -real name Chin-Chai- started the eye treatment last week among other community based initiatives.

Among the assisted are the elderly who have been battling with eye sight problem and are above 70 years old.

In an interview, Brother Chu said:

“We are doing it step by step and I am grateful to be a volunteer in this country and I am doing it out of love since I have been in the country since 2012.

An elderly giving testimony

“This is like giving back to the community which has kept me for more than 20 years.

“We have assisted more than 50 000 people in the Zimbabwean community.

“People with different ailments including stroke, BP, diabetes and cancer have also been assisted.

“We are doing these treatments for free where we provide shelter and food to the patients here,” said Brother Chu.

He added:

“I am helping Zimbabweans for free and I know how to treat the eyes.

“With the help volunteers we have been helping people with blindness for a week now and it requires eight days for someone to recover.

“We treat them without any surgery and it’s only to those who believe, it’s not a miracle but its love.”

Agnes Lucias, 73, hailed the programme:

“I could not walk properly because of my poor eyesight, but after being assisted, I felt relieved and I can now see,” she said.

Unganidzai Mazire, 72, said:

“I have visited many hospitals but I couldn’t get help but when I came here Dr Chu treated me and I can now see.

“I was seeing darkness and after I was treated I am now okay.

“This programme is awesome to us because I can now walk without any help.”

The patients also undergo body massage processes.

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