Latwell Nyangu

A SUSPECTED laptop thief, who was caght on CCTV while in the act, was exposed by someone who had seen the footage, and was arrested at Hungwe House in the Harare CBD.

The suspected thief had been stealing valuables, especially laptops, at the same building for some time, according to sources.

Reports indicate that he was captured on CCTV while in the act and the video circulated on social and mainstream media sites last year.

He managed to evade arrest.

Shop owners, and other individuals, who work at Hungwe House have been losing their laptops, cash and other valuables.

Yesterday, one of the victims remembered the suspect he saw in the CCTV video and helped get him arrested.

“We have a video of him stealing a laptop. He was captured on CCTV and since then we haven’t seen how he has been entering the building,” said a victim.

“Several people here lost some laptops and we suspect it is this guy.

“When he entered, I saw him on the second floor and I positively identified him.

“I then pretended as if I hadn’t noticed him. 

“I quickly ran to the entrance and alerted a security officer who then prepared to get him when he was going out of the building.”

Another witness said:

“So, this guy later got down and when he reached the entrance, the security guard confronted him before he tried to run away.

“He was then arrested, with the help of some vendors, who were outside the building.

“Other people came and identified him. He is the one in the video.”

Hungwe House appears to be a favourite target for laptop thieves.

“I am sure he has been doing this for a long time now,” said another witness.

“Nhasi angoita munyama. We also have another video of another suspect who was captured on CCTV.

“These suspects pretend like they are talking on a mobile phone or act like they want to buy yet it’s a strategy.”

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