Suspended Mayor Mafume files application for exception

05 Jan, 2022 - 11:01 0 Views
Suspended Mayor Mafume files application for exception Jacob Mafume


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter
HARARE mayor Jacob Mafume yesterday filed an application for exception in the matter he is accused of corruptly allocating stands to his sister and his law firm secretary.

Mafume appeared before Harare regional magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro.
The trial could not commence after state prosecutor, Ephraim Zinyandu. told the court he had received Mafume’s application just before proceedings and needed time to go through it and respond accordingly.
“I confirm that the State received this morning an application for exception from that accused person.
“We need time to respond to the application in writing and we undertake to file a response on January 7,” said Zinyandu.
Guwuriro remanded Mafume to January 14 when she is expected to make a determination on the application.
In his application, Mafume told the court he will contend the charge levelled against him, as read with the State Outline/Summary of State case, does not disclose an offence.
Mafume is being charged for contravening Section 174(1) of the criminal code.
The state alleges that Mafume ordered Addmore Nhekairo, the Director of Housing and Community Services, to allocate residential stands to his sister and a work colleague, in March 2020.
Mafume argued that while he is a public officer, he is not employed by Harare City Council, as alleged in the charge sheet by the State.
“Thus, without mentioning the specific duties of the Accused, there is no offence that can be disclosed as the State is unable to show how accused acted inconsistent with his duties.
“There is also no way how evidence can be led to show how Accused omitted to act according to his duties when the duties are unknown” reads parts of the application.

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