Swazi Princess joins Yadah Voices

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Swazi Princess joins Yadah Voices


13 October 2017

ROYAL Kingdom of Swaziland King Mswati III’s daughter joined Yadah Voices in singing worshipping songs at the PHD mid-week service.

Princess Sinkanyiso, who could not be immediately be conducted for comment for security reasons, is reported to have visited Prophet Walter Magaya accompanied by PHD Swaziland prayer partners.

PHD members were taken aback by the Princess’ ability to sing together with Yadah Voices four worship songs paving way for Prophet Magaya to share a message on redeeming wasted time.

The crowd withdrew their attention from her immaculate dress as she moved in the spirit leading the people into prayer.

“God loves all nations, this leaves me in a position that I must not stop praying when you see someone of the Royal family seeking God to visit our Prophet here,” one member was heard saying.

The princess was quickly whisked away by security details to Yadah Guest House soon after the service.

Prophet Magaya could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.

Highly placed sources told H-Metro that a big number from the Royal Kingdom of Swaziland is expected in the country today following a visit by Prophet Magaya in Swaziland where he was received by King

Mswati III and hosted at his traditional Palace.

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