T-Gonzi headlines hope musical premiere

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T-Gonzi headlines hope musical premiere Ti Gonzi


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

MULTIPLE award-winning rapper Ti-Gonzi is set to headline a musical premiere dubbed Hope on July 31.

The first episode, which is expected to set the right tone of the production, gives hope to the young people in despair during such trying times.


Co-written by Malcom Pedze and Kirshel Masendu, the musical’s trailer has since been dropped, winning hearts of many.


It was directed by Paul Zibgowa while Jush Jumbi featured as the director of photography.


In an interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Pedze who is also the marketing the musical, said it was all systems go.


Cast members we have selected for the first episode comprise Ti-Gonzi, Natasha Muz, Rudo Zimunya, Plac Lulanga and Tatenda Dhakany.


“We are ready for the premiere of our first episode on July 31whihc will be done online.


“After its premiere, we will hold more episode and what makes this musical unique is that we are going to audition new talent as well as interviewing some of the artistes so that viewers get to know their celebrities better.


“The sound track was done at Msindo Production and it’s all systems go,” said Pedze, a marketing student.


He also gave this publication an insight of the musical whose synopsis captures a wide range of issues that need urgent attention in contemporary societies.


“The series tells a story about a young man called Hope on his music journey trying to achieve a lot in his career but he then faces a lot of challenges like discrimination, poverty, drug abuse through temptation and trying to escape reality with the aim to teach youths that drugs are not right they can’t make your problems disappear they create more problems to your life, gangs, violence and drama.


“All these challenges will make Hope lose focus on his music career but he keeps on going until he achieves his goals despite the challenges he may face along the way,” he said.


Added writer Pedze:


“In the movie series, Hope is raised by a single mother who is trying so hard to put food on the table for her kids.


“In their family they are two children which is Hope aged 23 and his little sister ( Hilda ) aged 18 who is at school doing her book three and has passion for designing.


“On the other side hope has a best friend (Tapiwa) aged 23 who recently lost both of his parents during a car accident leaving only him and his little sister age four years behind, now Tapiwa has to take care of his little sister paying for her school fees while living a poverty life, hustling trying to make a living.”

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