Tadhiniwa Women invade Mutoko

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Tadhiniwa Women invade Mutoko


Arron Nyamayaro recently in Mutoko

THOUSANDS of Tadhiniwa women group descended in Mutoko and donated medicines, basic commodities and school fees to leprosy patients at Mutemwa Leprosy Catholic and Care Centre on Saturday.

They were led by Daughters of Virtue Ministries founder, Prophetess Memory Matimbire, who said the women are after sowing on fertile ground in their efforts to seek the face of God.

“We have come to donate basic commodities, school fees to children and medicines to 37 leprosy patients and all these items have been collected from Tadhiniwa Women group.

“Kutenda kwavo kuripakuti kana Mwari akaporesa vanhu ava pamaperembudzi nenhamo dzavowo dzinopedzwa naMwari mumwechete iyeye,” said Prophetess Matimbire.

“To add up to the groceries, my family is donating 20 blankets.

“They heard me talking about how I visited Mutemwa Mountain for prayers and how I received prophecies from one of the lepers 15 years ago about my ministry way before it started.

“The women agreed to come and plant their seeds today and they will continue to look for areas where there is need and sow their seeds in an effort to seek the face of God,” said Prophetess Matimbire.

She handed over the donations to Catholic priest Patients Tigere and one of the leprosy patients Colleta Mafuta received the goods on behalf of the patients.

“We thank you for visiting us considering that you are not Catholics but from another church,” said gogo Mafuta.

“We are here because of the love shown by the late John Bradburne who wiped our wounds and bandaged them when many people including our relatives had neglected us.

“This place has become a sacred place and many visited this place praying and they received answers.

“Today I have seen Abel who is one of the people who came tormenting us for mangoes and water and I am happy that he is now a pastor with Prophetess Matimbire.

“I want to believe that all the women who put their hands in this donation will receive answers from God.

“Mwari ngaakuitirei zvakanaka mose,” said gogo Mafuta.

Priest Tigere pronounced a priestly benediction to the women and Prophet Matimbire led a hymn and they went up Mutemwa Mountain.


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