Take control, says Prosper Nyika

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Take control, says Prosper Nyika Prosper Nyika


14 January 2019

Prosper Nyika

Rising gospel musician Prosper Nyika has urged people to gain control of their possessions through his latest single ‘Taking Over’.

In an interview, Nyika gave an insight on his latest single.

Taking Over is a single that urges everyone to gain control of possessions which were taken away from them by the devil.

“In life there is a time that we come across temptations and it is the devils work he steals from us each day but in my single I am saying the time to take back what belongs to us is now,” said Nyika.

Asked about the inspiration behind his song Nyika said:

“A lot was happening in my life and to date there has been a positive change and it’s all because of God. He works in miraculous ways hence I came up with the song Taking Over. My fans can get the full video of the song on You Tube I hope they will love it,” he said.

Nyika promised more videos for his fans from his singles on the previous albums.

“I am working on videos this year from my previous albums, I am also planning on launching my third album in March this year.

Nyika has two other projects titled Gadziriro (2014) and Jehovah Vapindira (2016).


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