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24 May 2016

IT might have been a sports piece but the story headlined “No sex for students” should be taken seriously by all young people and their parents and or guardians.

Calls for abstinence among youths in Zimbabwe can never be overemphasized especially with HIV and Aids in mind.

Not indulging in sexual activities whilst still in school or before marriage is the safest way to prevent oneself from contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections.

As an official at the launch of the 28th edition of the Copa Coca Cola tournament said, “teens who abstain from sex are less likely to be depressed and to attempt suicide; to experience STDs; to have children out-of-wedlock; and to live in poverty and welfare dependence as adults. The children who delay sexual activity are more likely to have stable and enduring marriages as adults.”

These are key words that can help save many young people’s lives.

Having sex, at whatever age, has never been an act that will make someone a hero. Sex is a very basic act – that every human being and animal can successfully perform without any training needed or taken.

All animals, from dogs to cattle, baboons to chicken, be they insects, mammals, reptiles . . . . engage in sex and – like breathing or eating – none of them are ever considered great because they can have sex.

And – still on animals – they never have sex in public or for fun. Dogs for example, actually wait until they are on heat before they have sex. You never see a dog too small to give birth on heat. When the female dog goes on heat, it is ready for child bearing and usually falls pregnant soon after. The same is true for many other animals.

Some humans, however, are proving to be worse than these dogs or the rest of the animal kingdom by engaging in premarital sex in their teens when they know they are not ready to bear children – which is a consequence of having sex.

Some of them argue that they use protection and some young people even take contraceptives to prevent pregnancy but all these things are not hundred percent efficient, neither is the condom.

What boggles the mind is, why do young people hurry into sex? If they are in their teens then they are quite close to marriage and should logically just wait a few more years before engaging in sex lawfully. Once one is married, they can have sex for free (not having to pay your way into a lodge or borrowing a friend’s room) for as long as they want.

Can we not live without sex until we are married – with the full knowledge that once we are married we will have sex for the rest of our lives? That is wisdom. The ability to do things at their appropriate time, whether it is learning, studying, playing, sleeping, eating or having sex, if we cannot do something at the appropriate time, we are usually doomed.

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