Take precautions seriously-Pitshou

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Take precautions seriously-Pitshou


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

CONSISTENT rhumba artiste Pitshou Lumiere says nothing beats obedience like adhering to regulations passed by health regulatory chiefs globally to contain the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) which has claimed thousands.

The Congolese entertainer who has adopted Zimbabwe as his second home said his plans were derailed by Covid-19 but vowed to resume operations once the situation recedes.

The virus became a global issue after Pitshou’s had released the video to the song Wandani dedicated to the new Governor-elect of Upper Katanga Provence in Lubumbashi DRC Jaques Kyabula Katwe.

In an interview with H-Metro, the Diamond Musica boss said Covid-19 was real.

“As for this deadly pandemic, I think my message to all the people of the universe is that we just need to follow the regulations that the authorities via different health ministries globally are giving us through various channels of communication.

“By the way, this is not a Zimbabwean nor the Congolese only challenge but a global crisis,” he said.

Asked how he was affected as an entertainer who had a series of projects line-up, he said:

“As for me, this pandemic caught almost everyone off guard that right now we still busy adjusting on how best we can cope but hopefully very soon I will have found my feet and join the rest of the world in the best way possible to also fight the disease.”

Unlike most band leaders who members’ welfare has been thrown in disarray,  Pitshou’s men are safe for now.

“Well our systems, in as far as the band goes, are structured in a way that it is self-sustaining under such mishaps.

“However, it is no longer a rhumba or museve issue here as we are still busy trying to come to terms with what is happening.

“It’s now everybody’s duty to come up with a remedy.”

Meanwhile, Pitshou has shifted focus on promoting the video to the song Wandani on various social media platforms like Youtube as he goes back to the drawing board.

“’The video is basically a dedication to the newly elected Governor of Katanga Province in Lubumbashi Town in the DRC.

“Actually the video will be officially beamed on National TV in DRC this coming Sunday which is the 29th March 2020.”

Commenting on the production costs of the video, Pitshou could nt be drawn into revealing figures.

“Well, I can’t really come up with numbers right now but honestly speaking the video accounted for a substantial amount to the extent of straining my pockets as it is more of a documentary that relays the promises made before the elections and the process of fulfilling.

“The video was shot in Harare and some footages and images are from DRC’s National Television but special mention should goes to the Conical Tower Productions who worked tirelessly to make the video come out excellently.

“It took us almost a month and a half to complete “The Documentary.

“As for the Governor, he was thrilled by the quality of the video.”

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