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RAPPER Takura Shonhayi says he is now in a good space after winning his battle against drug abuse.

The rapper, who was in rehabilitation for five weeks, said he is now ready to collaborate with Nigerian superstar Davido.

He told Star FM’s DJ Eve at the Unplugged broadcast that he had a lot in store for his fans.

He also shared his advice on how to combat drug abuse and there was need to prioritise mental health issues.

“This is my first performance of 2024, I was excited to get back to the stage, you know.

“It was great, I have been performing at Unplugged since 2014

“I have one (collaboration) with Davido and more are coming,” he said.

Takura, who made a confession of drug abuse, hailed his manager Mike Rich, for taking him into rehab.

“I was going through the most, this is my manager Mike Rich.

“I was kind of on drugs, I was losing myself and he took me to rehab for five weeks and got to have a clear mind,” he said.

His manager said it was easy to convince Takura to check into rehabilitation.

“It was not very difficult for me to help, I have also been helped in my life in different areas.

“I am very grateful for his transformation.

“Glory to God, God is the one who makes everything possible because if it was left to me, I wouldn’t have done it.

“It’s God who touches and inspires us in what we do to someone.”

Takura is not the only high profile rapper in Zimbabwe who has checked into rehabilitation.

Last year, Saintfloew won his battle against drug abuse after seeking help at a South African health facility. His benefactor, Tinashe Mutarisi, funded the cost of rehabilitation in South Africa.

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