Talkshow hostess fights drug abuse

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Talkshow hostess fights drug abuse Mutsa Mukaka


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Talkshow hostess Mutsa Makaka reckons she has a mandate to change the lives of many young people who have been affected by drug abuse.

She hosts a programme dubbed Shifting Mindset online, which has grown popular with viewers.

Not only is the programme popular but she has transformed it into a non-profit making organisation under the banner Shifting Your Mindset.

Since the introduction of the Covid-19 induced lockdown, drug abuse has been on the rise and many illicit drugs such as ‘musombodhiya, mutoriro, crystal merth, gukamakafela’ have found their way into the streets and a new trend called ‘jolly juice’ has penetrated primary schools affecting children as young as eight years old.

“Drug misuse/abuse is now a scourge in our society, our nation hence we have to rise and fight to end it.

“We cannot continue to remain silent whilst seeing our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers throw their lives in vain.

“We have to take action and end drug misuse. As an organisation we are working tirelessly delivering campaigns and educating different communities educating the youths to desist from drug abuse and encouraging them to focus on mending their lives for the better.

“As an organisation we love to see communities progress, people grow, and we have hope to see a great nation,” she said.

Currently, Shifting Your Mindset is mobilising drug awareness campaigns and empowerment programmes in different communities such as Mbare, Mabvuku-Tafara, Hopley, Epworth and many more to sensitise the communities about the drug problem.

“We are driven by love and envision a world of hope, where all young people are empowered to develop to their fullest potential and follow their dreams across the world”.

Mutsa says now they are working on now delivering big empowerment programs alongside their partners ZiCHIRe to empower the youth to rebuild themselves up, use their capacity and capabilities to bounce back and have a future.

She says from their surveys they have identified that unemployment is a very big outliner why the youth resort to drug abuse, so as an organisation they are looking to provide pathways and interventions that shift the focus of the youth to be innovative and build income generating projects.

“Our vision is to provide pathways for the youths so that they can come up with different income generating projects which so that they can improve their livelihoods,” she said.

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