Talent Gore

IN a convergence of business and entertainment, the Zimbabwe Investment Summit 2024 witnessed a remarkable performance by talented musician, Tamy Moyo, in South Africa.

The singer is now shifting into investment opportunities and economic strategies.

To back up her strategy, she was part of the corporate performance during the Zimbabwe Investment Summit 2024 held over the weekend.

The summit was hosted by Minister of Finance and Investment Promotion, Prof Mthuli Ncube, and CEO of the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (ZIDA) Tafadzwa Chinamo.

The summit served as a crucial platform for senior business executives, international and regional investment fund managers and various financial institutions.

“I performed at the summit and this is part of my strategy in finding investment opportunities and economic strategies,” Tamy said.

“My performance was not only entertaining but also inspiring, highlighting the importance of cultural diplomacy and artistic expression in fostering economic growth and international cooperation.

“Through my music, I am transcending boundaries, bridging the gap between business and creativity, and leaving a lasting impact on all those in attendance.”

Against this backdrop, Tamy’s presence injected an element of dynamism, demonstrating the multifaceted talent within Zimbabwe’s cultural landscape.

“Performing in front of stakeholders is a great way forward and it makes me feel appreciated towards my contribution to the event,” she said

“Amidst discussions of trade agreements and investment prospects, my performance served as a poignant reminder of the rich artistic heritage and vibrant spirit of Zimbabwe.

“Beyond my music, I also play the role of an ambassador for Zimoco Motors, which further underscored my commitment to promoting Zimbabwe’s economic potential on the global stage.

“As an ambassador, I exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, embodying the message that Zimbabwe is, indeed, open for business.”

With her unique blend of pop and R&B influences, Tamy has garnered a dedicated following both locally and internationally.

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