Tamy, Nutty O’s visual feast

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Tamy, Nutty O’s visual feast


11 October 2018

…local settings for international market

IT has often been said that new musicians have nothing on their predecessors in terms of message and creativity.

The bubble-gum productions that have been produced of late have only helped buttress this notion.

As a nation we are quite behind when it comes to quality of videos produced locally, that however does not justify the pure lack of talent in that field.

However younger artistes seem to be making strides in the right direction and giving older artists quite the competition if Tamy Moyo and Nutty O’s new video for Lay it down is anything to go by.

The song was released seven months ago and it seems the two youngsters’ fans were anticipating the visuals as the video hit 15 000 in a space of 2 days.

Speaking to H-Metro Tamy said the production took two good weeks to prepare for and another three weeks of editing after the shoot.

“I wrote the concept and having quite an appreciation for art I chose the National Gallery of Zimbabwe as my setting.

“We then shot the video and worked with the different locations we had found, including the Mbira Centre in Highlands.

“Nutty O and I wanted to celebrate culture and diversity because we come from two different genres of music and different walks of life, hence the different colours to celebrate youthfulness and art in one hence the colourful artsy outfits,” the songbird said.

In the same spirit of celebrating diversity the duo with the help of BLVK consultants’ Danayi Madondo, a designer in her own right, brought together local fashion houses to bring the vision to life.

Zanorashe, Tapfumanei Munenge Couture, Czeerat and Noe eS’ apparel added just the right amount of character needed with their elaborate designs.

“My makeup was done by Beauty Refined run by Sharon Nare.

“We were going for a youthful but abstract look as well as an appreciation of art and our and I am quite happy with the final product.

“The best part of the video shoot was having everyone who had contributed to the production in one room, from the producer Chiweddar to the director Andy Cutta, the stylists, makeup artist and my parents in the same room which was the entire shoot anyway, so I enjoyed every bit of it,” Tamy said.

The artist revealed that she was worried about the choreography even though some fans have showered the routine with appreciative comments on Youtube.

She went on to say that she is happy with how the video is being received as her team put their all in making it all happen.

“Ideas never stop coming even after production but I am happy with the end product.

“The ladies from Jibilika Dance School really did well and helped to bring out what I wanted, it was awesome working with young passionate ladies

“I gave this video my best just like any other project I have ever worked on and will continue to do so for any other work; there is always room to push myself to do better and improve and I believe with more practice and experience I will improve,” she said.

Tamy applauded local musicians saying video production has greatly improved so much it can compete on a regional and international level.

She emphasised on the need of an amazing production team and great chemistry with those you work with.

“The cost of video making locally differs, really depends on who you choose to work with and your agreement with them.

“I really think local videos have really improved over the last 5 years and artists have realized the need to step up on the visual aspect of their work, that’s how the music industry is moving world over.

“Visuals go a long way for one’s career and it’s one of the quickest ways to gain recognition with the several online platforms at our disposal such as YouTube and then the access to channels such as Trace Africa,” Tamy told H-Metro.

The two musicians created quite the hype before releasing Lay it down using digital marketing methods and landed themselves on a number of radio chart shows.

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