Tarie G Fingers destined for stars

Ashley Masakadza

SEASONED music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Tariro “Tari G-fingers” Mufari, has been doing his job to his level best for the last 23 years.

Despite working underground, he has produced hits, including Jah Prayzah’s love song Nyeredzi.

“I produced and mastered the song Nyeredzi by Jah Prayzah, which is on his album Gwara, which has become a wedding anthem off late and Hasha on his new album Chiremerera,” said the producer.

He started his journey as a producer in the year 2000 with a band called the BombSquad.

“I started producing music in the year 2000 with a group of three gentlemen who called themselves the BombSquad and they had a chart topper called Bhobho.

“I have worked with artists from Zambia, Malawi and South Africa, to name just a few.

“In South Africa, I worked with Lufuno Dagada, in Zambia I worked with the Zaoga music group, Egea Zambia, on their famous hit Azayanga.”

Mufari believes in discipline and consistency.

“I can say what has brought me this far is the discipline, consistency and rigorous hard work and long hours of practice and I can safely say I’m proud of myself for coming this far.

“I have never won any nationally recognised awards, just one from my hometown, Norton awarded him with one. 

“I am not really a fan of such because I love working low-key, I believe in hard work.”

He has also worked with artists like Minister Michael Mahendere, Jah Prayzah, Pastor Carol Mujokoro, Pastor G, Garry Tight, Everton Mlalazi, to name but a few.

His career has seen him travelling around the world to produce or play the guitar for a number of artists on stage.

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