Tatelicious pregnant?

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Tatelicious pregnant? Tatelicious and Richard


20 October 2017

Tatelicious and Richard

Controversial Sweden based gay activist Tatenda ‘Tatelicious’ Karigambe who made headlines for claiming to be a male to female trans gender has made fresh new claims that ‘she’ is now pregnant.

Tatelicious revealed her pregnant status in a Facebook video ‘she’ posted celebrating about the developments.

In the video Tatelicious is seen dancing to the song Mhururu Kumatenga in the presence of her boyfriend Richard Sandberg who she claims to be the father of the baby.

“We have got some news to tell you, a lot of people have been speculating and I have been keeping low profile.

“I have been very sick lately reacting to the pregnancy and yes we are expecting a baby next year.

“There is nothing impossible in this world and Richard and I are so happy and we are happy to share this news with you,” she said

Despite revealing her pregnancy status Tatelicious said she was not yet going to reveal the gender of the child.

We want to applaud the ladies who are also looking forward to have babies, it brings joy to families but it is not an easy task.

“We cannot reveal the sex of the child yet but we will keep you posted so that when the right time comes we will let you know.

“To ladies out there you can give us tips needed in raising a baby, we would really appreciate that” said Tatelicious as Richard consented.

Meanwhile the couple has also publicised their recent engagement where Tatelicious was the one who proposed to Richard.

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