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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Sungura musician Tatenda “SpannerBoy” Pinjisi has quit music following the accident that almost claimed his life recently.

The Saina hitmaker escaped death through a whisker when his vehicle veered off the road on his way from a music show.

Pinjisi said, the accident has ruined his projects and quitting is the solution at least for now.

Tatenda Pinjisi

In an interview, he said he will be focusing more on farming with his family and only a miracle will resurrect the music career.

“I am quitting music because the challenges have been pilling since I was involved in an accident.

“I found it difficult to fend for my band members, their families who were depending more on music, they were no longer getting what they used to get.

“The accident cost me a lot although I thank God for saving my life but that vehicle was our mode of transport, we used it to carry all the instruments for our shows.

One of his dancers Subaru

“So I think trying something else will be better.”

The Holy Super Sounds boss said his close friends and band members were against his idea of quitting.

“They disagreed but they later saw it that things have changed.

“We have gone to zero and it became difficult for us to continue working under such circumstances.

“I am feeling guilt even for my workers because many of them were depending on the band.

“Some have started adjusting after I told them about the development.

“Subaru (dancer) is already working with a few bands,” he said.

Pinjisi said the band will be disbanded.

“I will be farming in Norton but we are still deciding with my family on what to farm but that’s where my support will be coming from,” he added.

The rising musician believes he has created more enemies than friends.

“I used to have more than 15 members and following economic hardships, I halved my band so to balance the shares.

“All those I removed from the band became my enemy and they have been throwing stones along my way.

“I should have released an album of late but vanhu vakatanga kukanda matombo kuti zvisafambe.

“The project was paid for but the producer has been evasive yet he was paid.

“Some have been paying some people to block my way.”

On why he has turned to completely to God, Pinjisi said:

“After the accident, ndakaona kubata kwaMwari so I think I should commit 100 percent to him whilst I will be away from music.

“Mota yakadambuka ball joint and o lost control.

“Immediately after the accident I went straight into church since it occurred right in front of the church.

“I had R100 in my pocket which I had got from fans at Sulu show.

“I gave all the money to God for sparing my life and after the service, I had many people offering to help me.

“But if God allows it, I will return to music.”

Prior to this decision, Pinjisi had two albums and was working on his third.

“I was working on number three, I had some songs from the new album which fans are already signing.

“This is just an official announcement to my fans and if time permits I will also announce my return.

“I don’t want to disappoint my fans and should not be discouraged, I am just taking a sabbatical.

“Upon my return I will start where I have ended,” he said.


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