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THERE is need to ensure that no one dies because of TB and no one is left behind in the country’s fight against the disease, Health and Child Care Ministry Deputy Director, AIDS and TB Unit, Dr Owen Mugurungi has said.

Dr Mugurungi said collective responsibility will ensure a more effective TB response. 

“When different sectors collaborate, innovation flourishes, we can leverage technology, data, and community engagement to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal of ending TB by 2030,” he said.

“It is our commitment to jointly play our role in accelerating progress to end TB and remain answerable for our actions to the communities we represent.”

Dr Mugurungi added:

“TB is not just a medical challenge, it intersects with social, economic and environmental factors.

“Thus, the Multi-Sectoral approach is crucial because by involving multiple sectors, we gain a holistic perspective and can address the root causes and difference determinants of the disease.

“It is also important to note that TB control cannot rest solely on the shoulders of our ministry. Education, housing, nutrition, mining, employment and other sectors-all play a role.”

He reiterated that for the country to achieve a TB-free Zimbabwe, collective efforts were needed as they lead to healthier lives for all.

Dr Mugurungi also revealed that the Multi-Sectoral Accountability Framework for TB Baseline Assessment Findings are a critical step in the commitment to combat TB in the country.

He added that the disease remains a global health challenge, which affects millions of lives each year.

“As we sit here, people in our communities are battling with this disease — some silently, others with courage and resilience. 

“Like in any battle, some lose the battle and each year, we record deaths due to this preventable and curable disease.

“Our duty as leaders is to ensure that no one dies because of TB, and no one is left behind in our fight against TB. 

“The Multi-Sectoral Accountability Framework for TB represents a collaborative effort, a bridge connecting various sectors of the economy towards one goal of ending TB. 

“It brings together government departments, parliament, healthcare professionals, policymakers, civil society organisations, private sector, the media, traditional leaders, researchers and affected communities among others to use their co-competencies in response to the TB epidemic.”

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