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A TEACHER, who accused her estranged husband of abuse after he started having an affair, has been granted a protection order.

Pamela Jamhi was granted a protection order against her husband, Witness Muchadenyika, after convincing the Harare Civil Court.

Pamela said she had left their matrimonial home because of repeated abuse.

“He used to beat me up and insult me in front of our kids and neighbours, so I decided to move out.

“When I would open the gate for him around 3am, he would insult me, saying I was with another man, when it was all false,” said Pamela.

Witness accused Pamela of being an unfaithful wife.

“She is actually my wife, but we haven’t been staying together for four months because I caught her in bed with another man when I visited the school where she teaches.

“I did not resort to violence, but just introduced myself and left.

“I’m surprised that she indicated that I’m her ex-husband in the summons when I paid lobola for her and was never given any token of divorce,” Witness said.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the application.

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