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EVELYN Mubochwa is just 12 but the South Africa-based fashion designer, is dreaming BIG.

She is the inventor of the Afro Jumbo apparel, which has taken the fashion scene by storm.

Evelyn wants fellow youths to fully utilise their talent and relentlessly pursue their dreams.

“National Youth Day is a special day for us as Zimbabwean youths, we should never sit on our talents but rather work hard and make a mark,” she said.

Evelyn caught the eye at the 2023 Zim Fashion Week in Victoria Falls and also at the Mozambique Fashion Week in Maputo last year.

Two weeks ago, she dressed Victoria Falls-based reggae/funk outfit, Flying Bantu, at the Sauti Busara Festival in Zanzibar.

“I’m humbled and excited to see my designs being donned at such a big stage and dressing such amazing musicians.

“It gives me more energy to want to stick to doing this and do it more professionally as much as I can.

“For now, we are selling them online since we are trying to take one step at a time,” she said.

Evelyn is a Grade 7 pupil.

“I have to balance both now that I am on demand. I have started my new collection for 2025 already.

“For now, I just have mixed emotions, sometimes I’m scared and happy but, with my parents and my little sisters supporting me, everything becomes so achievable.”

Evelyn gets a lot of inspiration from her designer father Thembani Mubochwa.

“My family members are pillars of my vision as we are always together since it’s a family legacy that was started by my grandmother from my father’s side.

“I am now the third generation designer laying the foundation for the fourth generation.”

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