Arron Nyamayaro

A 14-year-old girl, who had fled from her angry mother, ended up being raped and impregnated in a church.

She was dragged into a Methodist church in Eastview where she was raped by someone only identified as Nomore.

She had fled home because she was afraid of her angry mother who sought to punish her for coming home late.

The matter came to light this week when the complainant’s mother suspected that her daughter was pregnant.

She interrogated her and that was when she disclosed she was raped.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the case saying the teenager was referred to Parirenyatwa Hospital for medical examination.

“Police are investigating a rape case involving a minor who was raped and impregnated in Eastview,” said Insp Chakanza.

“Circumstances are that the complainant and the accused person are not related, but they reside in the same neighbourhood.

“On an unknown date during the month of November 2023, around 1630 hours, the complainant was sent by her mother to buy tomatoes at Dzinomwe Shops in Eastview Phase 5.

“After buying the tomatoes, the complainant did not return home and proceeded to her friend’s place where she spent the rest of the day.”

He added:

“The complainant returned home around 1830 hours and her mother threatened to assault her for coming home late.

“She ran away from the house and sought refuge at the Methodist Church Building.

“The complainant sat by the door step and that is when the accused person came and proposed love to her, but she turned him down.

“The accused person demanded to have sexual intercourse with the complainant but she refused.

“The accused person grabbed the complainant and dragged her into the church building where he was reported to have raped her,” said Insp Chakanza.

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