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A TEENAGER from Kadoma was kidnapped, detained for 17 days, stabbed and raped by an unknown woman.

The 17-year-old’s horror story started on April 8, when he boarded a car in the city.

Mashonaland West Provincial Acting Police Spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Aggary Jaure, said the vehicle was being driven by a female driver, in her early 20s.

Mashonaland West Provincial Acting Police Spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Aggary Jaure

“He got into the vehicle and occupied the back seat alone.

“The driver asked him for directions to Kadoma Sports Club.

“She drove the vehicle towards Kadoma Sports Club and stopped at the club’s gate, picked the other two accused persons, who also occupied the back seat, flanking the teenager.

“They drove towards the CBD.”

Asst Insp Jaure said along the way, one of the accused produced an Okapi knife and stabbed the teenager on the lower left limb while the one produced a pistol and threatened to kill him.

“The trio forcibly injected the teenager with an unknown substance on the upper arm and he became unconscious.”

The teenager woke up to find himself lying on a bed, according to the police.

“After some minutes, the door was unlocked by two men who escorted him to the room where their female accomplice was sleeping.

“She grabbed the teenager, removed his clothes and ordered him to have sexual intercourse with her.

“They had unprotected sexual intercourse once, without the teenager’s consent.”

Jaure said the lady continued to have unprotected sexual intercourse with him for the next consecutive three days without his consent.

She said they detained him for 17 days.

He was dumped in Harare and, on May 3, the teenager reported the case to the police in Kadoma.

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