TelOne employees in wellness fair

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TelOne employees in wellness fair TelOne Managing Director Chipo Mtasa


1 November 2018

TelOne Managing Director Chipo Mtasa

TelOne Harare and Mashonaland regions this week launched their annual wellness fair aimed at educating employees to take responsibility of their health.

TelOne managing director Chipo Mtasa talked about the importance of employee wellness, living a healthier lifestyle and positive behaviour.

“I would like to thank you all for coming to this wellness event and our theme for this year is ‘Employee Wellness; A sound investment. We are cognizant of the importance of our staff wellness as we know that we cannot be fully productive if their health and wellness is not well taken care of,” said Mtasa.

TelOne employees following the proceedings

“Employee wellness fairs are conducted by many companies worldwide in an effort to make employees aware of common killer diseases and their signs and symptoms before being affected.

“It allows them to learn about key preventive measures too,” she said.

Mtasa said TelOne has partnered with several experts they believe will bring important and interesting health perspectives that will broaden their knowledge and understanding of those non-communicable diseases and take responsibility of their health.

“Evidence has shown that we largely engage in unhealthy behaviours and negative health choices unknowingly, hence today is our day to learn and make good choices for behaviour change,” she said.
“By bringing important information to our employees who do not receive regular physical check-ups and screening, we as TelOne management want to ensure that employees become aware of any health risk and manage it before it becomes a major health problem,” said Mtasa.

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