Templeman denounces Zim dancehall violence

10 Aug, 2022 - 00:08 0 Views
Templeman denounces Zim dancehall violence Godfatha Templeman


Takawira Photovet Dapi

RADIO personality, Godfatha Templeman, has denounced violence that is becoming a permanent feature at Zim dancehall shows.

The self-proclaimed ghetto president, said he was disappointed by violence which rocked the Soul Jah Love commemoration gig held at the Glamis Arena on Saturday night.

The violence outbreak forced fans to scurry for cover soon after Blot’s performance when Kinnah and Dhadza D were preparing to take to the stage.

A section of unruly fans hurled stones and beer cans onto the stage protesting a technical fault that temporarily halted proceedings.

“We are going nowhere with Zim dancehall, and it’s really sad,” said Templeman.

“Imagine, we had 75 acts comprising DJs and MCs, and 73 acts had performed. The 73rd act was performing, and had only two songs left to end his slot.

“Dhadza D’s band was ready to perform after that followed by Kinnah.

“Sadly, the microphone had a problem with the cable and fans couldn’t be patient for only one minute for the microphone to be changed.

“I think Zim dancehall is going nowhere with what is happening.”

Templeman blamed fans for tainting the Zim dancehall genre, saying a serious public relations exercise was needed to change its trending ugly image.

“The challenge isn’t with promoters or engineers, but is being fuelled by rogue fans.

“While it can happen even in Jamaica, this is totally unacceptable.

“For instance, during Buju Banton’s first performance in Jamaica after 10 years in prison, there was a problem with the microphone for about 10-15 minutes, but fans were patient.

“I was surprised that our fans are not that patient to wait for one minute,” he said.

He added:

“It’s sad that promoters continue to incur losses considering their investment in these shows.

“There are a lot of sacrifices made and this is totally unacceptable.”

He urged the police to arrest rascals behind the violence at Zim dancehall shows, as many fans get injured during these skirmishes.

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