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9 August 2018

TOP scorer David Temwanjira says he is targeting to score 10 more goals before the season comes to an end.

Temwanjira, who is now at ZPC Kariba, said adapting to the new environment has been easy for him.

“From the Triangle match going forward, I am targeting to score 10 more goals without fail, that is my target.

“It is not going to be any easier since it is the second round. Every player is on a mission to correct their past mistakes and deliver a polished act,” Temwanjira said.

“Hard work and more hard work is the key to progress. I haven’t scored yet at ZPC Kariba and there is no better time to start scoring than in our next encounter against Triangle.”

Strikers have in the recent seasons struggled to reach the 20-goal mark.

“Personally I think as Zimbabwean strikers, we are slowly getting there. Yes I cannot justify that we are failing to meet our fans’ expectations.

“In the local league people are stingy, there is an element of not wanting to give others the ball when they you are in the box,” he said.

“At times as a striker, you have to go and look for the ball yourself which makes your job way more complicated.

“Players are not generous when they have the ball, we also run out of supply as strikers.

“Some will deliberately attempt to shoot when they are outside the box,” he said.

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