‘Tenants take advantage of my religion’

16 May, 2018 - 16:05 0 Views
‘Tenants take advantage of my religion’


16 May 2018


A HARARE woman has hauled all her tenants to court for failure to pay rentals claiming they are taking advantage of her religion to default payment.

Tsitsi Madyapa appeared before Harare Civil Court suing Violet Marupa of US$240 and Lorraine Stella Zvidzayi, US$440.

“The first respondent Marupanda owes me rent arrears for three months.

“She once promised to pay in instalments of US$50 but up to now she has not paid anything.

“Zvidzayi for four months has be defaulting payment, she promised to cover the debt in October last year but we are now in May 2018 and I have not received anything from her.

“These two take advantage of the fact that I am Christian so there is nothing that I can do to them,” Madyapa.

In response the tenants, Marupa and Zvidzayi defended their actions saying;

“As for me I only owe her US$400 not the US$440 she is claiming.

“We do not take advantage of her religion but we are disagreeing on the fact that she wants us to pay the whole amount at once.

“We agreed that we would pay in instalments of US$50 whenever we manage to get the money until the debt is covered but she is now demanding her rentals in full without giving us any notice.

“In January that is when everything changed after we failed to raise the US$50 due to the nature of our jobs and we explained the situation to her.

“We are only hairdressers and sometimes business is not at its peak level that is why we suggested that we would pay whenever we  manage to get money  not every month as she claims.”

Presiding magistrate Manase Masiwa ordered the tenants to cover their rent arrears before June 29.

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