Terry Gee breaking barriers

Faith Mandizha

AFRO fusion artist Terry Gee is breaking barriers and defying the odds in the music industry.

He has captured the attention of many with his unique blend of Afro fusion sounds.

 Despite facing physical challenges, Terry Gee is making a name for himself with his upcoming single titled Kwayedza.

It was done in collaboration with Poptain.

The song is set to be released next month.

It will combine Terry Gee’s distinct style with Poptain’s lyrical prowess.

Despite being disabled, he has not let his physical limitations define his creative spirit.

Instead, he has used his music as a platform to express himself and inspire others.

Speaking to H-Metro, Terry Gee said his wheelchair will never define him as an artist.

Kwayedza promises to be a chart-topping hit that brings together our individual styles and showcases our musical chemistry producing exceptional music that will generate significant buzz within the music industry.

“As a disabled artist, doubts and preconceived notions arise regarding my ability to perform live, however, I remain hopeful that promoters and audiences will recognise my talent and give me, and others, a chance to showcase ourselves on stage,” he said.

Terry Gee is also venturing into the world of film, where he is collaborating with Naizaboom and Chipo Muchengwa, on a short film on disabilit

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