^ Cross border driver accused of numerous rape cases

^ Moyo has been running his evil scheme for 15 years

H-Metro Reporter

A CROSS border driver has been running an evil scheme, in which he rapes and sexually abuses young girls lured from rural Zimbabwe, using false promises of jobs in South Africa.

Mike Moyo, also known as Sikhulumo Mathe, was reported at Western Commonage Police Station in Bulawayo by one of his victims, according to our sister newspaper Chronicle.

A survivor narrated her story at the hands of Mike.

“I was with a young girl and we both got raped by this guy.

“It was in September 2009 and he was with other friends who I strongly believe all work together.

“The whole thing was a set-up when they were told to empty a dustbin outside.

“I do believe they were in this together. Moyo did terrible things to us in just one night, things that when I think of, I cry.

“I have struggled to let go of this picture even though it has been so many years.

“I am Jabu’s daughter, my father cursed you to his death.

“He trusted you and you were paid to take me to South Africa only for you to rape me and take away my virginity.

“I curse you and your entire family,” the victim told Chronicle.

Mike, who calls himself a prophet, has become a monster to many unsuspecting and desperate girls who are in search of a breakthrough.

Reports are that, once the victims cross the border, he tortures and forces them to submit to his sexual demands.

He has been using the same modus operandi for the past 15 years, changing names all the time to evade the law.

Chronicle trapped Mike using his South Africa registered cellphone number where he denied the accusations.

“I am an innocent man. These people are just fabricating lies against me and most of these are ex-girlfriends who are just bitter. 

“I have never raped anyone,” said Mike.

However, Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Simelisizwe Sibanda, who is also MP for Bubi where most of the girls were trafficked from, demanded Mike’s arrest.

Speaking in Parliament, Deputy Minister Sibanda said Mike must be locked up.

“I have received a number of complaints from Bubi and from what I gather, he has been doing this for many years.

“He makes parents pay either cash or cows after convincing them that he has connections in South Africa and promises that their children will easily get employed, but once in South Africa he then rapes these girls,” he said.

Emakhaneni-Luveve MP Discent Bajila also raised the issue in Parliament and called for more action to combat gender-based violence.

 “We are learning of a man called Mike Sikhulumo Mathe who has been changing his name now and again over a period of 15 years.

“He has been involved in the trafficking of women from Zimbabwe to South Africa, promising them jobs.

“This man is a Zimbabwean and he has been trafficking, raping and infecting Zimbabwean women with sexually transmitted infections over a period of 15 years. This is too long a time and the law must now take its course,” he said.”

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