LOS ANGELES. – Barry Diller and his wife of over 20 years Diane von Furstenberg invited a slew of celebrities to vacation on their US$200 million yacht.

Mujen Spirits co-founder Bruce Bozzi shared a snap from a dinner on the yacht, which featured celebs such as Emma Thompson – who was photographed in London earlier this month – Diane Sawyer, Candice Bergen and movie producer Jason Blum, along with Diller (81) and Von Furstenberg (76).

Diller – one of the original Fox network co-founders with Rupert Murdoch who is said to be worth US$4 billion – dropped a whopping $200 million for his 305-foot mega-yacht known as Eos back in 2006.

The yacht was well-known as the largest luxury yacht in the world until Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos’ 500-foot mega-yacht Y271, which reportedly cost $500 million.

The dinner took place on Saturday, with a dinner provided by a huge fish caught by the vacationers.

“Most beautiful fish caught last night fed this family of friends! Family owned small restaurant, great white wine, loving conversation with close friends ….my favuorite! Hello Saturday,” Bozzi said. Bozzi (pictured front left) was seated next to his husband, CAA co-chairman Bryan Lourd, while Jason Blum was seated next to wife Lauren Shucker, and Vimeo founder Ricky Van Veen sitting next to von Furstenberg.

While it’s unclear where the vacation took place, Bozzi also shared a snap of him and Blum at the top of a scenic hike.

Diller and von Furstenberg’s summer yacht vacations have been A-list events, with past guests including Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Oprah Winfrey, Andy Cohen, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, to name just a few.

Bozzi and Lourd, who has been the managing director of major talent agency CAA since 1995, were married in 2016, after Lourd left his ex-wife Carrie Fisher after coming to the realization that he was gay.

Bozzi is the fourth-generation owner of The Palm, an iconic New York City steakhouse.

Diller started his iconic career in the mail room at the William Morris agency before moving on to ABC and quickly moving up the ranks there before taking over as chairman of Paramount Pictures in 1974. – Mailonline.

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