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Alexander “Cool Ruler” Maseko wants a Zimbabwe Football Hall of Fame.

He says that will give a befitting tribute to men and women who have contributed immensely to the game.

“Let us have a Hall of Fame and honour our country’s most outstanding soccer personalities. 

“This would be an appreciation of their contribution to our society. They will serve to inspire future generations.”

What irks Maseko is that in 2019 he was among dozens of football legends honoured by the Premier of Gauteng Province in South Africa.

He was handed a certificate and R50 000 in recognition of his contribution to the game and society. 

 “I felt honoured to have received the recognition alongside other legends in South Africa. 

“I never expected that there, because I believe I played my best football at home.

“It is sad I missed the Tymon Mabaleka Documentary because I have been up and down of late. 

“I would have loved to be there as I had been invited. 

“It is one way of perpetuating his legacy, coming up with a documentary, but it would have been great if it was done while he was alive.

“Let us celebrate our heroes while they still live so that they can hear their own praises. 

“We could have city and provincial Halls or Walls of Fame even at club offices, ZIFA and then the ultimate one at the National Sports Stadium in Harare or ZIFA Headquarters.”

He said the likes of Mabaleka, George Shaya and Barry Daka deserved their space at Zimbabwe’s Football Hall of Fame.

Maseko runs a sports consultancy in Johannesburg and has a company in the mobile phone business.

Unlike ZIFA, the country’s football writers have their own Hall of Fame where they have been inducting their luminaries.

 They have so far inducted the legendary Charles “CNN” Mabika, Steve Vickers and Robson Sharuko into their Hall of Fame.

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