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3 May 2018


FASHIONISTA and entrepreneur, CYNTHIA BIZURE, needs no introduction in fashion.

The Jan Jam owner, who dresses socialites, business executives and big shots, has vowed to stamp customer loyalty by keeping abreast with changing trends.

Each season, she ensures she has something for her customers, which has seen her winning more customers with each shining day.

Cynthia and hubby TK

However, it has not been rosy in her journey and H-Metro’s LISA MAFOHLA caught up with CYNTHIA, who opened up on her love for fashion, challenges and the journey she has travelled so far. Read on…

Q: How do you spend your week?
A: My week is split between work and family.
I dedicate my mornings to family making sure their day is organised and preparing breakfast.
Once a week, we organise photo sessions which help our brand to be viable. My evenings are spent through light exercise and making dinner for the family.

Q: How often do you travel outside the country to place some orders?
A: I have four main trips a year to make sure we keep up with trends in the fashion world. I then can have top up trips if specific orders arise.

Q: What challenges do you face when you are abroad and how do you manage?
A: First problem is language, but over the years I have learned the number system of my main source market and phrases to get by.
Secondly, logistics; you have to have an efficient system that helps you to ensure your goods are shipped in time.
I have created a good working relationship with a brilliant shipping company.

Q: Since the fashion world is ever changing, how do you ensure that you are up to date with new fashion trends?
A: Because I am now in the industry, fashion houses approach us with the trends for the upcoming season, some of it I manage to pick up on the go from magazines, shows and general enquiries from customer.

female model

Q: Since there is a lot of competition how have you managed to stay afloat?
A: We have focused on our brand to provide what the customer requires and with that in mind we have managed to retain customer loyalty over the years.
Fashion is dynamic, never be stagnant, keep moving forward no matter the challenges

Q: How do you market your products?
A: We have embraced social media as a platform that has a wide reach and we utilise it extensively. We also put adverts in local publications. The brick and mortar shop also attracts people to walk through and shop

Q: How many fashion shows do you hold per annum?
A: We have one main fashion show that coincides with our date of inception, and the rest we do as part of other local fashion shows.

One of Cynthia male models

Q: Briefly tell us how it all started?
A: As with most Zimbabweans, it started very small as a boot sale, but because of passion with the industry we managed to make the necessary steps till we got to the size we are and hopefully we will grow in leaps and bounds from here

Q: Who inspired you?
A: I have to say the person who continually inspires me is my husband TK, he is a rock that I turn to regularly.

Q: Your target in the next five years?
A: We have an expansion program that targets us being closer to our market and in the next five years we hope to have done just that.

Q: What sought of message do you have to would be fashionistas?
A: Business can be overwhelming but I have a very supportive family that makes it all the more easier. Because I love them to bits household chores become an extension of my affection for them.

Q: What’s your favourite meal?
A: Give me sugar buns and Minute Maid Pulpy any time of the day.

Q: How do you keep yourself fit?
A: A lot of walking.

Q: How supportive is your husband?
A: We could run out of superlatives describing his support so I will just say VERY…

Q: So far what are some of your achievements?
A: We have managed to scoop awards both at an individual level with business woman of the year awards and as a business with top honours in our category.

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