THE FATHER OF H-TOWN. . . I want to teach Passion Java a lesson one day

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THE FATHER OF H-TOWN. . . I want to teach Passion Java a lesson one day Baba Harare


Trust Khosa, Content Coordinator

BABA Harare reckons he is evolving with each passing year.

The 33-year-old believes he is striking the right chords, five years after leaving Jah Prayzah.

He is riding on the crest of a wave in the wake of the release of his latest album titled ‘Zimbabwe Giant.’


Baba Harare, who took a huge gamble when he left Jah Prayzah to form The City Vibration Band, says he is a risk-taker.

“In life you need to take some risks if you need to grow,” says Baba Harare.

“When I left Jah Prayzah, many people were of the view that I was doomed.

“I left Jah at a time when he was the country’s most sought-after musician, with a number of hit songs to his credit.

“Of course, I had a false start when my first album Chikwama Changu, released in January 2017, got a poor reception.”

He added:

“I took the criticism seriously and it really helped me a lot to turn around the corner.

“This is all that is needed in music when one wants to grow. “I started off doing pure reggae after being inspired by the late Lucky Dube but I am glad I have since found my groove in Afro beat and, of course, jiti.”

Baba Harare believes a real artist should be distinct.

“In my case, I can safely say I can now brag as the king of jiti although it’s a genre which has been in existence for years.

“It’s a genre which defines us as a nation since it is deeply rooted in our African roots.

“The likes of the late Paul Mpofu made it with one song Murambinda and no one has ever matched my feat of releasing a number of hit songs with the jiti flavour.”


“To be honest, artists need to invest in visuals to break into the international market that we are all yearning for.

“Imagine what could have happened if yesteryear artists like Dembo had invested in video?

“On my latest album I have released a number of videos, including Haubvire, featuring Jah Prayzah.

“The response is overwhelming.”


“Yes I am a Christian but I always hang around with my friends, who are known for promoting the Gure dance.

“I love them for their creativity and this has also enhanced my performance.

“I prefer a situation where revellers can spend quality time looking at you rather than dancing along to my music during performances.”


“My tiff with Passion Java is not a gimmick but really serious.

“Java finds happiness in fighting popular figures like us. “At first I used to keep quiet when he insulted me on social media but I realised that he needed to be whipped into line and I started firing back as well.

“I have realised that this guy wants to start fights with people but one day I will deal with him. “I want a celebrity boxing fight with him so that I can teach him a lesson.

“If I beat him on the streets, I risk being arrested but if it happens in the ring, then I will get an opportunity for revenge.”


The crooner, who doubles as a fitness trainer, says he was the one running his social media pages.“I wonder why people always ask me that question because speaking and writing good English is not a measure of intelligence.

“By the way I went to Mashoko High and I got a B in English so I wonder why people ask me such questions.

“I might stammer here and there when speaking English but when I get down to writing, I won’t go wrong because I have all the time to express myself.”


“I have been asked that question on several occasions but I can tell you that I know what I want in life.

“At first, when I toured with Jah Prayzah, ladies would follow us begging for relationships but I don’t give in easily

“If they offer money, I take it and use it but you won’t expect a relationship to come easily.”


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