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THE GOAT IS BACK! Mbudziyadhura


Maria Chiguvari

HAVING been off the public scene for some time, veteran actor Mbudziyadhura real name Blessing Chimhowa is making a sensational return.

Mudziyadhura announced his retirement from acting in December last year, to the disappointment of his fans.

H-Metro caught up with the comedian asking him what motivated him to rescind his decision.

 “The idea of Vlogs came about one day when we went to the rural areas with my friend, who then decided to show me off to his followers. It is from there that I realised how people related to me upon seeing me out of the character of Mudziyadhura.

“For some reason, I could not shake off the character.

“It is from this point that I felt it was okay to vlog, this way, I can tell my own stories, tell real life stories happening in my life, it is something I have been battling with since my last Facebook post.

“Most people just wanted to see and check how I am doing and ask what are you doing Mbudzi?

“So, this is a way of responding to my friends on Facebook, telling them what has been happening in my life.”

He added that the content shown was his everyday life and hopes to uncover untold stories, happening out there, through the vlogs.

“The concept is my everyday life. The reality around me that I think my friends ought to know about.

“I have learnt that there are many stories that go untold around me. I think it’s time to vlog them out,” he said.

He revealed he was now working with Taurai Gringaldino Boora, the son of the late Lazarus “Gringo” Boora at Pwaaka production.

“The last production I made with Pwaaka skits, I was more of a director, a behind-the-scenes kind of person, I will work with the team any day I can.

“We are actually related, besides we share one common goal, to make our followers happy.

“Currently I am working with JKG TV, one of the rising professional TV production houses and my friend Elder Para,” he said.

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