THE MAKING OF A STAR…Boss Chau chronicles Freeman’s journey…Artist now a crowd puller in the industry

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THE MAKING OF A STAR…Boss Chau chronicles Freeman’s journey…Artist now a crowd puller in the industry FREEMAN


Trust Khosa

Content Coordinator

FREEMAN has arrived on the big stage.

He is now on autopilot to success and he doesn’t come cheap anymore with promoters having to fork, at least, US$6 000, for his services.

And, given the way he has been pulling the crowds, it’s a worthy investment.

Tomorrow night, he will release his 12th album at Alex Sports Club and Jongwe Corner proprietor, Chau Nedi, reckons Freeman is evolving with each passing day.

Jamaican reggae star, Chris Martin, will make a guest appearance.

Boss Chau said the HKD boss has never changed his character despite his success.

He said the former football star has been maturing with each passing release.


Boss Chau, who has been promoting Freeman for over a decade at his two joints in Harare and Chinhoyi, said the chanter knows what he wants in life.

“I first met him 13 years ago when he was still a greenhorn,” he said.

“He shared his vision with me and I never doubted him because I knew he was determined and destined for stars.

“I was touched when he told me about his humble background and how he ended up being an artist to fend for his family.”

Boss Chau said the Joina City hit-maker has always wanted to make a breakthrough.

“As a promoter and businessman, I decided to assist the youngster by giving him plenty of slots at my joint in Hatfield and recently in Chinhoyi.

“He has never missed my shows and his level of professionalism is out of this world.

“I wish all the Zim dancehall artists would take a leaf from him.

“He treats the stage like the CEO’s office where only serious business is done.”


Unlike most Zim dancehall artists, who are still playing with backtracks, Boss Chau said he was glad when Freeman took his advice to perform with a live band.

“We sat down together, as we normally do when he is free, and shared notes on the need to be innovative.

“He vowed to assemble a live band and his clientele has changed after that move.

“The mature crowd is now attending his shows and this alone shows that innovation pays.”

Boss Chau said big collaborations with both local and international acts were paying off for the singer.

“Locally, he has collaborated with a number of household names, chief among them Alick Macheso.

“Internationally, it is Chris Martin who is coming for his album launch and this is a huge endorsement for the star.

Chau Nedi

“I have always encouraged him to keep on pushing the doors of success and the good news today is that he is now reaping the fruits of his labour,” he said.


Boss Chau said Freeman was a humble musician who lets his music do the talking.

“Despite amassing several awards and producing hits, I have advised him to be humble.

“I have also advised him to stay away from controversy.

“My relationship with Freeman is not that of a promoter and artist but it has changed to family,” he said.

Boss Chau said his family has also embraced the singer.

“When he is free, he visits us at home and workplace just to chill with us.

“He also gives us tips on how best we can improve our business and such people are hard to come by.

“He has never forgotten his roots as he makes sure that he is in touch with us.

“I urge fellow Zim dancehall artists to learn from Freeman and Winky D, who are not afraid to take risks.

“From the bottom of my heart, Freeman is a star that I have seen rising and I will be there for him as a way of celebrating our friendship

“He started from the bottom but never lost hope when the going got tough,” he said.

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