The man behind Zargue’sia

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The man behind Zargue’sia


15 May 2018

Radio personality and influencer, Samantha “MisRed” Musa, turned heads at the recently held Castle Tankard alongside partner in fashion crime, Craig Zoowie.

It is only natural to have grown interest in knowing the man behind the masterpieces.

Many may think the Zimbabwean fashion industry is a joke but Ishmael Tsakatsa’s Zargue’sia has been going for the win and creating its mark.

Ishmael Tsakatsa

Ishmael revealed his intentions for the two looks he created for Misred and Craig saying he wanted to stick to theme colours in all their elegance.

“The inspiration for Misred’s dress was basically glam, elegance and drama.

“We went with the theme colours of the event, red and white, final design was a red and white polka dot off the shoulder mermaid day gown with feather detail and a matching white head gear with red flowers appliques, pearls and feathers.

“For Craig I was inspired by sartorial elegance with sophistication; hence we had decided on a monochromatic look of a sheer white crystal organza shirt coupled with a boutonnière neck accessory underneath a black and white floral print double layered flap blazer paired up with white slim fit pants,” the designer said.

Zargue’sia was founded six years ago as a high fashion luxury brand which the designer says exudes the effulgence of God’s beauty and love.

The brand has been showcasing on different stages around Africa and last year they gave Swahili Fashion Week a taste of Zimbabwe’s finest.

Ishmael told H-Metro that he is currently working on a new collection which will be revealed soon.

“Zargue’sia is a romanticism of royalty, an allure of elegance, opulence for the man and woman of excellence and affluence.

“My previous collection was “Trees of righteousness” and I will be revealing our latest work soon,” he said.

The brand has showcased at Mozambique Fashion Week 2017, Swahili Fashion Week 2017, Swahili Fashion Week 2016 and September Fashion Issue 2016 in the last two years.

Ishmael said his Zimbabwean Designer of the Year award in 2014 opened numerous doors for him and turned his career around.

The designer went on to pursue an Honours degree in Physiotherapy though he already was in love with fashion.

“To me being a designer means l am a creative being that translates my imaginative ability into reality.

“My journey has been upwards and forward, I learnt a lot from the time l started, faced challenges, won victories; it has not been an easy road.

“I have a very supportive family. As long as l find success, fulfilment and joy in whatever l do they are always cheering up behind me.

The Christian brand’s head designer said the industry is full of vast untapped potentials open for business and investment but needs more support and assistance for better economic development and sustainability.

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