‘THE MAN IS MINE’…Wife assaults woman she suspects of dating husband…Police called to Doek and Slay party

Arron Nyamayaro

A woman was arrested for physically assaulting another woman she suspected of dating her husband at a Doek and Slay Picnic Lifestyle party in Greystone Park on Sunday.

Chantel Tapuwanashe Mudziviri of Mbare National followed Nyasha Jamanda to the toilet and bashed her while she was relieving herself.

She accused Nyasha of dating her husband, only identified as Kumbi.

Police were called and Chantel was arrested and taken to Borrowdale Police Station.

“Yes, I was arrested and later released.

“It’s over now, and I cannot comment further since the case is now water under the bridge.

Nditori muchiround zvangu kuita zvebasa,” said Chantel.

Nyasha could not be reached for comment.

Trevor Dongo, Alexio Kawara, Anita Jaxson and Travelers Band performed at the event.

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