THE MASTERCHEF. . . another big connection between Zim and British Royal Family

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THE British Royal Family appears to have a certain special connection with Zimbabwean professionals.

Last year, Lorren Khumalo, a professional nanny from Zimbabwe, wrote her name into headlines worldwide for making Prince Harry and Meghan Markle temporarily abandon royal parenting tricks for the ‘Zimbabwe style’ of wrapping babies in a mud-cloth.

Lorren is a neonatal nurse from Richmond Surrey, England.

Images of her piggybacking Prince Archie went viral and, overnight, she exploded into an internet sensation.

She was featured in the royal couple’s Netflix show – Harry & Meghan.

Now, another United Kingdom-based Chef Gineas Mupfayi becomes the latest Zimbabwean professional to emerge as one of those providing expert services. Mupfayi is one of the elite chefs in the world and is a chef for the Royal Family.

He started his journey into becoming a Masterchef in Zimbabwe in 1993 at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare.


It appears this runs in his family as most of his relatives are also chefs.

Mupfayi’s uncle, Chef Shakespeare Mupfayi was an executive chef at Elephant Hills Hotel and Resort in Victoria.

Another uncle, Chef Raston Mupfayi, was an executive chef at the Holiday Inn in Harare.

And, yet another uncle, Chef Shepherd Mupfayi, was a leading chef at the Crowne Plaza Monomotapa in Harare.

His grandfather was also a chef while his father, Chef Tineyi Mupfayi, performed similar duties at the Rainbow Towers.

The British Royal family appear to have a special connection with Zimbabweans.

Four years ago, a nurse, Sibonokuhle Sibanda was filmed just after helping to attend to the late Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Phillip.

Last year, it was turn for another nurse, Lorren, to hit the headlines for not only taking care of Prince Archie, but assisting the couple to heal when Meghan was struggling with mental issues.

“I had this phone call and they were like ‘Prince Harry and Meghan want to see you, they want to talk to you about being a nanny to Archie’,” she said.

“I said, ‘Hang on, I need to sit down’. I remember just driving so fast, I got a ticket actually, yes I did.”

She got the speeding ticket on the way to Frogmore Cottage after getting the call to work for the couple.

“When I arrived at Frogmore Cottage, I see this guy (Prince Harry), he’s tall, he’s ginger and walking barefoot and I have got these new shoes from Clarks and suddenly whatever I thought, or felt, the formality just sort of slid and I felt so at ease,” she revealed.

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