LOS ANGELES. — It takes some effort to upstage Cher at an awards show. 

This is the woman whose Oscar outfits alone have included towering feather headpieces, sequinned bralettes, floral bikinis and nearly naked dresses. 

But when the singer —wearing a sheer, sequinned bodystocking — presented the award for best video at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, even she looked a little taken aback as Lady Gaga took to the stage wearing a dress made entirely of cuts of meat. 

Slashed to the thigh, and featuring a cowl neck, the dress came with matching beefy boots, hat and meat clutch. 

“I never thought I’d be asking Cher to hold my meat purse,” said Gaga as she picked up her award for the Bad Romance video — perhaps unaware that Cher doesn’t eat meat.

He meat dress was not only the most memorable outfit of that evening, but arguably of her entire career — some feat when you consider this is the woman who arrived at the 2011 Grammys in an egg.

“In my head I thought I was going to be like some kind of warrior.  I flattened steaks and made a sort of bra bikini top, and then I cooked bacon and made that into some kind of boot.” 

For her hair, Garland used pork chipolatas to resemble braids. 

“I thought, why not? I went off to this party but wasn’t there for very long because, you know, I was very fresh, and the flies loved it.”

Talking to Vogue about the dress in 2021, Gaga recalled:  “It smelled like meat. It was thrilling to wear. There’s a corset under (it)but the corset was sewn to the meat. 

“So this is actually a garment. They didn’t just drape meat over me and cross their fingers.” — BBC.

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