The Napstar is back!

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The Napstar is back!


25 January 2018

Capitalk FM station manager, Napoleon “The Napstar” Nyanhi, is expected to make a return to the airwaves next month after almost a year away from radio.

Napstar will be hosting a music and entertainment show called “The Platinum Lounge” every Friday from 6-9pm.

“I am excited to be back on radio, I had missed it.

“I am looking forward to ripping the weekend apart,” said Napstar.

He said the station duties had forced him to be away from the microphone.

“I had stopped radio to focus on setting up the station.

“I did a Sunday show for two months on Capitalk FM then had to get off air to focus on training,” said Napstar.

The Platinum Lounge is a high energy weekly show that will then usher listeners in to the Capitalk Radio Weekend programming.

Some of the highlights of the Capitalk Weekend include the Sunshine Breakfast with Brita Masalethulini,

The Retrofix with the Masenda brothers, the Capital Clique with Karen Paida and Reboot hosted by Nyasha Mutizwa.

“The Capitalk Weekend is the entertainment arm of the station.

“It starts at 6pm on a Friday and runs till midnight on a Sunday.

“During this time we focus on lifestyle, entertainment and social programming,” he said.

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