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GEMMA Griffiths believes collaborations with other artists have given her an opportunity to learn further from her music peers and to grow their friendships.

She has collaborated with Enzo Ishall, Baba Harare, Chill Spot Records and Winky D, among others. 

“I really love collaborating with other creatives because I feel you learn so much, not only musically, but about that person.

“Music is such an amazing thing that you’re able to break boundaries and be vulnerable with someone in a very unique way where you’re giving a piece of yourself through your creativity and the other artist is doing so as well.

“So, I find if I do end up collaborating with someone, often we end up building a wonderful friendship and a really good understanding.

“I also think you can learn something from people and collaboration is a great way to do that.

“To watch how people write, to share a piece of your ideas and, ultimately, come up with something beautiful.”

Gemma’s music is inspired by her personal life.

“I have written quite a few gospel pieces over the past few years and I think this really is testament to my personal growth as a believer. 

 “I feel very inspired by things going on in my personal life and by these experiences. 

“And, a lot of my experiences over the past two years, have been spiritual.”

She has been working on new music that is yet to be released.

“I have been in the studio with a number of amazing producers here in Zimbabwe and I cannot wait to share more music with you. 


“I believe in timing and I am working on a lot of new music which will eventually come to fruition.

“I just don’t feel rushed in the process, I want to enjoy every moment.

“I want to take time and explore different sounds and, ultimately, create something that flows naturally and is a work of art in its own right.”

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